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Lighthouse Conversations från NovoVia Consulting. Making MI accessible to alla.
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Making Motivational Interviewing (MI) Accessible to all

Do you want to learn ways to encourage a non-talkative teen to open up, and communicate with you?

Learn how to communicate respectfully with conversations that authentically connect and avoid conflicts.

Are you worried about a teen making poor choices and heading down the wrong path?

Prevent negative behaviours and resolve potentially harmful actions by proactively strengthening a teen’s mental health and resilience.

Did you find alcohol or drugs on a teen and need help talking to them about it?

Use a proven method designed to convey empathy, support self-determination and increase a teen’s motivation for change.

Is there a teen in your circle suffering from depression or having suicidal thoughts?

Let us help with proven counselling approaches designed to increase motivation and change unhelpful thinking and behavioural patterns.

MI Changes Lives

As a leader in training and coaching helping professionals and organizations in MI, I am very passionate about, and believe, in MI. Not only is MI a evidence-based method of communication, but I have personally experienced how MI changes the lives of those who encounter it (whether it is a professional trainee or a private counselling client). And, because of this, I wanted to share MI and its positive impact with as many people as possible. 

Creating Lighthouse Conversations is my way of doing just that. My aim is to make MIs respectful and motivational communication style accessible to everyone. I help you become a beacon for others in need and hopefully, make the world an even better place. 

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a proven counselling approach which helps you create the conditions that are essential for developing and enriching a positive relationship with a person in your life. MI's respectful method of communication, counselling style, and spirit make communication with others more effective. 

Förändring med hjälp av Motiverande samtal (MI)
Vägledande samtal mellan en vuxen och tonåring

Guided Conversations with Teens

It's never too late to change!

I have extensive work experience with adults struggling with mental illness, addictions, and criminal behaviour. I have also had the honour of witnessing these adults make life changes, big or small.


Intervene early

Often from an early age, my clients struggled with their mental health, skipped school, drank and did drugs, hung out with the "wrong" crowd, and got into trouble with the law. Their non-conforming behaviour escalated during their teenage years and by the time I had the chance to work with them, their behaviour had escalated and grew to be destructive. This downward spiral is what I want to change and prevent. I invite you to join me in intervening earlier and help teens showing signs of troubling behaviour, before it gets too serious.

We can all help and make a difference for children and teens before it goes too far!

Lighthouse Conversations Give Adults Tools to Succeed


Our role and responsibility as adults in the lives of teens is very similar to that of a lighthouse. Regardless of the weather, a lighthouse stands firmly on the shore guiding boats to safety. Lighthouse Conversations is your road map for having guided conversations with teens using MI.


Tools Provided Help

  • Feel confident to better support teens

  • Enrich your relationship with teenagers

  • Encourage effective and meaningful interactions with teens

  • Intervene before a teen heads down the "wrong" path

  • Enjoy longer lasting changes


NovoVia Consulting, through Lighthouse Conversations, has published these tools in both book and online course form. Both provide self-paced individual learning to help you guide teens through life’s challenges using constructive and positive conversations, supporting long-lasting positive change for teens.

Click on the images below for more information about the online course and book.

Denna bild är från Karin Bergdahls Gotland Collection - Beacon of Light. Kolla in hennes vackra bilder och målarkurser.

This picture is from Karin Bergdahl's Gotland Collection - Beacon of Light. Check out Karin's beautiful artwork and her painting courses here.

Lighthouse Conversations with Teens
Lighthouse Conversations. Being a Beacon for Teens
Jennifer Ollis Blomqvist och NovoVia Consulting erbjuder enskilda samtal utifrån Motiverande samtal (MI)

The e-Course and book can be purchased in my web shop

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