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Newsletter - Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Newsletter - February 2023

A year ago I opened the virtual doors to my VIP Online Community and since then over 550 people have received a key chain with special access to that page. The VIP page holds videos, seasonal MI-activities, my private library, and other odds and ends. As requested from my key chain holders, I will be adding MI-exercises, mindfulness recordings, and tips for podcasts, videos and more. All this and getting ready to release a member's forum later this year. An exciting job!!

February's exercise - Affirmations

Affirming someone means being able to "see" them as an unique individual with their own strengths and resources.

Exercise: Helpful Affirmations Using VASE

Objective: To practice recognizing, identifying, exploring, and verbalizing a another person's Values, Attributes, Strengths, and Efforts (VASE).

Instructions: Listen to someone the next time they talk about something frustrating or difficult. Try to recognize, identify, and explore one of the following: Values, Attributes, Strengths, or Efforts (VASE). If you want to, you can use the following questions to help guide your listening.

  • Values: What values or priorities can you see within the person?

  • Attributes: What qualities or attributes are evident within the person?

  • Strengths: What strengths do you see in the person? What resources are evident in the person's network?

  • Efforts: What effort(s) is the person making?


  • How was your experience of the exercise or conversation? How did it make you feel?

  • Who talked the most during the conversation?

  • What important things did you hear the person say?

  • What reactions in the person did you notice?

  • How can you incorporate these tips in your everyday conversations with the other person?

Jennifer Ollis Blomqvist & Malin Stihl

MI in Education

My MI-colleague and friend Malin Stihl and I are currently writing a book for teachers working in the school system. The book will focus primarily on how teachers can use MI in conversations with students and parents, as well as in classroom settings. We are so excited to write this together!

What do I really do for a living?

Take a moment to read my second blog post to find out what I do for a living.

Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter.

Have a wonderful day,


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