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Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Can MI be used as self-help?

Self-MI and Jennifer Ollis Blomqvist
Jennifer Ollis Blomqvist

Absolutely! Even though Motivational Interviewing (MI) is defined as a way of being with others, I definitely think that you can use MI with yourself.

So, can MI be used as self-help? Just to recap, MI is used to create a climate or environment which allows people to be ready, willing, and able to do things differently in the future. MI can be used in many different situations where change is wanted such as eating more fruits, exercising, accepting a certain situation as it is, etc.

For me, “self-MI” includes using the MI-spirit towards myself. Self-MI involves creating a supportive and positive environment where I feel ready, willing, and able to work on myself. To do that, I need to convey the spirit of MI (acceptance, compassion, empowerment, and partnership) with myself and to the situation that I am currently in.

Take a moment to reflect over the following questions.


  • How do you convey self-acceptance?

  • In what way do you try to understand your thoughts, feelings, and actions?

  • Are you non-judgemental to your perspective?


  • How to you show self-compassion?

  • How to you take care of yourself?


  • How do you find and use your strengths?

  • How do you take advantage of your styrkor?

  • How do you create the environment needed for your strengths to shine?


  • How kind are you to yourself?

  • Do you often find yourself in an internal wrestling match?

How do you turn the spirit of MI inwards to be the best you can be?

Are you interested in continuing this discussion together with me, please book a complimentary call.

Have a great day,


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