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Motivational Interviewing (MI) for Parents and Families

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Are you worried about a teen in your life?  Do you see signs of trouble?

You now have another way to address current problems and prevent them from escalating in the future.

Do you know a teen who needs immediate help for a serious issue (drugs, drinking, attendance issues, self-harm, suicidal thoughts)?

Our evidence-based MI services are immediately available for you.


1) Individual counselling sessions, 2) A book encompassing theory, practical examples, and tools, or 3) A self-paced online course with theory, everyday examples, and helpful exercises.

Do you want to improve your relationship with a teen in your life?

Learn positive ways to develop better relationships on your own or together with others.

Motiverande samtal med barn och ungdomar som förälder

Motivational Interviewing (MI) as a Change Agent for Teens

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a counselling approach which helps you create the conditions that are essential for developing and enriching a positive relationship with your teen. MI's respectful method of communication, counseling style, and spirit make communication with teens more effective.

I have over 20 years experience using MI and counselling individuals with various issues, including mental illness, addictions, criminal behaviour, self-esteem, and low motivation for change. I counselled clients of all ages through difficult, serious, and emotional conversations. I learned and practiced standing my ground and guiding my clients when things got rough. I am proud to say that I became a lighthouse and beacon for them during these challenging times. And, that has strengthened me, made me a better teen ally and parent, and inspired me to help others do the same.

My work and life experiences have taught me a great deal and increased my passion to understand and support teens, and their parents.


Here are three things that I learned.

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Effective Educational Resources

My educational resources are intended to help you learn how to help a teen in your life. My book, Lighthouse Conversations: Being a Beacon for Teens, includes background theory, practical examples, and tools to help you immediately improve your situation with a teenager. For those that prefer self-paced online courses, I created an easy-to-use resource that will effectively walk you through what you need to learn to utilize MI with a teen in your life.

Check out Lighthouse Conversations for more information and immediate support.

Helping You Support Teens


Being a parent is a tough job. Conversing with teens can be hard work. And knowing when and how to help teens is even more challenging. I know because I am like you, a parent to two teens and an ally to others.

I have often joked that there should be in-depth and continuous training for adults and caregivers raising teens. To be a doctor, you need training. To drive a forklift, you need training. To be a chef, you need training. It’s required. But, to be a parent, guardian, or teen ally, no training is “required” and very little help was available in the past.

Now this is changing. NovoVia provides you with access to professional services and educational resources quickly and early to obtain immediate support.

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When you or a teen need immediate counselling help

Do you wish you or your teen could access immediate counselling and support to reach a positive change?

Personalized and Effective Counselling

I offer personalized counselling services outside of the traditional social system that encourages a positive outcome and change. The one-on-one* private counselling services offered are personable, professional, and confidential. They are designed to actively support and guide you and/or your teen.

*Group counselling is provided on request

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“As my MI Coach, I felt that you would be a good fit to help my daughter because she is/was very sensitive to contact with new people and reluctant to go to counselling. I felt that you would be a good fit for her because you are very competent in your field; knowledgeable but also very humble. You show an authentic curiosity for others and also a sincere willingness to help those in your care. You are an easy-going and personable person, out-going and generous towards others. You are easy-going, which makes it easier to discuss serious subjects. It is easy to understand you, and it is obvious that are really listening and present in conversations.” 


- Rebecca, Social Worker and mother of a teen

"I appreciated the depth of Jennifer's comments. I have no better way to say it, but you have an aura of "mom-cred." If I were a mom in trouble, I would feel comfortable with you as having been there and done that."


- Parent of Teens

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