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Book release lighthouse conversations

To commemorate the launch of my new book and the rebranding of my business, NovoVia Consulting,

I brought together a community to celebrate, learn and engage in meaningful conversation.

Find out more below!

Schedule and Presentation

kl. 17 .00  Welcome

I introduce myself, my business, and my book.

kl. 17.10    TOAST

Join us in a celebratory toast given by my father, Gerald Ollis.

kl. 17.15     Guest Speaker: Richard Rutschman

Richard, co-Author of “Motivational Interviewing in Schools” will discuss the importance of using Motivational Interviewing (MI) in school environments. 


kl. 17.25    Workshop

You will get a taste of Motivational Interviewing (MI) and engage in a reflection exercise from my book.


kl. 17.45    Guest Speaker: Dr. Kate Watson

Dr. Kate Watson, Author of “Only Trying to Help” will speak about the importance of helping and supporting teens..


kl. 17.55     Break/Mingel/Networking

We mingle and get to know each other over light snacks.

kl. 18.15     Gues Speaker: Anette Jäderberg

Anette from MIND Göteborg, a Suicide Prevention Line, will tell us about their organization and the impact my book will have on teen mental health. 


kl. 18.25    Contest/Kahoot

Engage in a fun quiz and win a copy of my book. 


kl. 18.40    Guest Speaker: Thaimi and Rebecka from BUFFF

BUFFF will present their organization and discuss the positive impact that my book will have for children and teens with a parent or family member in prison. 


kl. 18.50     Break/Mingel/Networking

We will continue to mingle and get to know each other.

kl. 19.10      Guest Speaker: Lotta Gustavsson

Lotta Gustavsson from Vägen Ut! will present their organization and discuss the importance of parental employment from a child's/teen's perspective. 


19.20          Q & A - Jennifer

Take the chance and ask me questions! If I cannot take all of the questions in that moment, send an email to me and I will be happy to answer them afterwards. 


kl. 19.30     Impact Videos


kl. 19.35     Closing Words

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A Special Thanks!

A special thank you goes out to these people for supporting my business journey and making this book event possible. I appreciate you!

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