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Workshops and Training in Motivational Interviewing (MI)


Motivational Interviewing in Groups

All training and coaching services offered by NovoVia Consulting embody Motivational Interviewing (MI). During training and coaching, you will see MI's spirit and communication style demonstrated. Practice conveying empathy, listening actively and using various conversational techniques for effective communication.

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9 - 11 september 2024


6 500 kr ex. moms

Bokar du innan 15 juli 2024 får du Earlybird-priset:

5 500 kr/person ex. moms

Using MI in Groups​

NovoVia Consulting offers a 3-day course aimed at adapting MI to a group context. Initially, MI was developed as an individual approach, focusing on conversations between two people. However, in our daily work settings we often have conversations with more than one person, requiring us to be able to use MI with several individuals at the same time. MI can be adapted and used in groups, utilizing each group member’s individual power and motivation to support the entire group's movement forward towards change.​

Helping Groups and Teams to:

  • Increase their motivation for change and

  • Increase their self-confidence to achieving their goals

  • Develop a clearer vision for the future

  • Promote self-reflection and increase self-awareness

Training Content:

  • Reorienting from individualistic to group perspective

  • Key issues in group work

  • Similarities and differences between individual and group MI

  • Designing MI groups

  • Basic and Advanced Group Conversational Shaping

  • Overview of the four phases of the MI Groups (Engaging, Exploring Perspectives, Broadening Perspectives, Moving into Action)

  • Adapting MI-Group for your work setting

The training content is based on the book "Motivational Interviewing in Groups" by Chris Wagner and Karen Ingersoll (2013).

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